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February 11, 2016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, get inspired by the holiday’s signature flower for your wedding centerpiece! Red roses are  timeless, romantic and versatile. From simple to extravagant, short and tall, we’ve found them all!  Select one style or mix it up with different centerpieces all using the classic red rose.

1. Have a ball! Rose balls look great in height.  Keep them solo on a table, or grouped a few together.

9. high balls
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7. balls
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6. ball
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5. low n vot

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2. Add some bling!  Jazz up your roses with crystals, beads or hanging ornaments to give it an extra touch.

1. RnC
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3. Mix it up! Combine different size low bouquets with votives for this look that goes great with round or rectangular tables.

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4. Runners!  Do something different by adding a rose textured runner to your table. Top with flowers or candles. Or Create your own “runner” by spreading rose petals across the table, and add votives.

3. runner

4. PR

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5. Petals, Petals, and more Petals! Who needs flowers when you have petals and candles? This beautiful, simple centerpiece can be a great DIY project.

8. Cylinder
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6. Go big or go home.  If you’re looking for something grand, try a larger centerpiece, with extended branches.

10. big

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6. Cascading away… This unique look combines the elegant cascading style with a simple candle.

11. cascading candle
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Can’t decide which is your favorite? The best part is, you don’t have to! Add variety to your tables by alternating between between a few of your favorite styles and heights.  Since all use the same flower and color, they will still look uniform and perfect for photos. (Not to mention easier on your budget when adding in the simpler ones!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!



December 27, 2015

Which Champagne Glass will you ring in 2016 with?
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! If you’re hosting a party, be sure to know which champagne glass to use.  Whether it’s a tulip, flute or coupe, learn which works best to serve with your bubbly of choice.

The Tulip has a wider center, with a narrow base, forming a shape similar to the flower.  It’s wider bowl allows you to aerate your champagne while drinking it. It’s narrow top protects your nose for ample bubbles & fizz, just like the flute. Read more about the tulip.


The Flute
, (my favorite champagne glass!) is tall & sleek, perfect for a sophisticated reception of any size.  It’s shape encourages extra carbonation, but leaves little room for aeration. Read More about the flute.



The Coupe, aka the Champagne Saucer, is shallow, giving you a higher risk of spills.  This may not work well for a large crowd, but will work well for an intimate gathering. Its saucer shape works great if you plan to add fruit, such as strawberries to the champagne. Read more about the coupe.




December 21, 2015

Repurpose Holiday Decor for Your Next Celebration

Planning a reception? Now is the time to save big and buy  essentials for your big day! Purchase decor items in essential colors at the end of the holiday season and save with clearance sales.

Sure those decorations in the department store look like they’re meant for Christmas and the holidays, but they can be used for much more!   Here are some items you can stock up on and repurpose for your next event!
1. Ribbon, Ribbon and more Ribbon!  There are so many different colors and textures, so these can be used to jazz up almost anything these days! Ribbon isn’t just for wrapping gifts.  Use it add glitz to items such as vases & votives, and remember to buy extra for things like favors, menus, welcome baskets and more!
Colors like silver & gold are plenty this season, so stock up and pair one with your reception color.
Ribbon collage
Use fabric ribbon to add personal touches to your flower baskets, or ring bearer pillows.
 Or add a special touch to vases or votives, matching your color scheme.
wrapped votives
2. Beaded Garland.  You’ll find these by tree ornaments tinsel.  These can be used at your reception by adding them inside a vase, as a substitute for pebbles. Or, try hanging them off of larger arrangements in areas by an entrance to a reception.
bead wedding-6
3. Twinkle lights!  These are a favorite of mine.  If you’re having an evening outdoor party such as a rehearsal dinner or birthday celebration, add some elegance and sparkle with twinkle lights in your trees, fence or other fitting areas.  Battery operated twinkle lights can also be used to add  a special touch to centerpieces.

batter lights

twinkle lights



That’s a wrap!




December 3, 2015:

‘Tis the season to have your nails done!  Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish is perfect for when you don’t have time to get a manicure! Dries quickly and lasts for a week! No need for a UV Lamp for this gel.  Great to have  handy for the new bride or newly engaged, that will be showing off her bling this holiday season!


November 17, 2015:

Having an autumn reception? 

Let the vibrant colors of fall set the perfect backdrop!  From flowers to trees, petals to leaves, and vases to votives, autumn decor is filled with fun options for home and larger events.

1. Tree Branches
Interested in something other than flowers? Try tree branches!  Dried & painted tree branches can be a great DIY centerpiece as they can be assembled days in advance of your event. Add a little sparkle by experimenting with color combinations. Try swapping out yellows or orange for gold, and instead of brown, try bronze or copper.  You can even add a more festive feel with branches lined with twinkle lights.

twinkle lights bronze

2. Flowers

Want to go with traditional flower centerpieces? Select flowers filled with autumn hues such as red, brown, yellow and orange. Some color combinations can look dark or depressing, so be sure to find the right balance of elegant and festive!  Try going heavier on a brighter color, such as red or yellow, and find ways to add an accent with darker tones that sparkle or shimmer.


3. Candles
Looking for something simpler? Candles add an elegant and romantic setting.  Try a candle garden, with fall foliage or deep red petals sprinkled at the base.  Or fill cylinder vases in various heights with petals or leaves, and float candles on top.
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.11.18 PM





November 10, 2015

Illuminated Centerpieces

Lighting is an easy way to turn any atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary!
Try these simple & quick DIY centerpieces, each using a submersible floral light.

IMG_3133  IMG_7732FullSizeRender

What you need:
Vase (any size or shape)
Pebble weight / marbles
Submersible Floral light
Your favorite flowers!

Directions: Fill vase with pebbles / marbles, turn on floral light and bury within the vase. Add water and top it off with your favorite flower.


What you need:
Simple Vase
Votive Candles
Wire-edged Ribbon
Submersible floral light
Glue Gun
Your favorite flowers

Instructions: Wrap base of vase, and votives with printed wire-edged ribbon. Use glue gun to seal shut.  Add floral light to vase, fill with water and your favorite flower, and enjoy!






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